Online Lesssons

When lockdown was announced on March 23rd 2020, I, along with all other music teachers Nationwide feared for our business, our livelihoods and for all the hard work our students had put in up to that point.


Exams, concerts and fundraisers were cancelled and my doors were closed but then we discovered Zoom! It took a few attempts to get my head around it and I spent the entire 4 months saying "I think you're on mute!" but we got there and now it's working extremely well for many students. 

Students who found it difficult to fit in the time to travel to and from lessons have become firm regulars now they can sing from the comfort of their own home, 6 year olds home schooling via zoom were teaching me how to use it and I now teach students in Wales, Cambridge and even the US! But the most significant change I found was observing students drop their inhibitions and sing like they were the only ones in the room (which technically, they were!) Students who feared to try when physically present in class started to explore their voice, have fun, take risks and discover knew ways of using it.


Seeing their faces light up when they made a certain voice quality or found an emotional connection with the text was so exhilarating for us both! This has been such a positive outcome of an extremely tricky time where anxieties and mental health has been challenged beyond our imaginations. 

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